Welcome Messages


Dear Participants, Organizers and Guests of the World Deaf Badminton Championships,

On behalf of the International Committee of Sport for the Deaf (ICSD) and myself, I would like to welcome you to the 2019 World Deaf Bowling Championships in Taoyuan!

It is a pleasure for the ICSD and me to see so many people meeting in the Taoyuan to share their enthusiasm and passion for the 2019 World Deaf Bowling Championships. I can only congratulate the organizers for their choice of venue: Taoyuan is a beautiful destination with people full of cordiality who will make this event a unique experience for all participants.

I would like to thank the athletes, coaches, volunteers and organizers, without whom these championships in Taoyuan would not be possible. I am sure that with the support of the Government of Taiwan and the Chinese Taipei Deaf Sports Federation, the Championships will be held at the highest level.

I wish all of the competitors the best of luck. May the best athlete win!

Sincerely yours,
Rebecca Adam

Chinese Taipei Deaf Sports Federation

Since the great success of the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics also the recent Games as 2015 World Deaf Basketball Championships and 2015 Asia Pacific Deaf Games was operated by Chinese Taipei Deaf Sports Federation (CTDSF), in the fact, Taiwan has already been the center of historic interest among the global deaf community.

As of supports from both Sports Administration, Ministry of Education and Taoyuan City Government, CTDSF confirms hosting the 2019 World Deaf Bowling Championships. The competition venue remined on the same as the official venue for Bowling of 2015 Asia Pacific Deaf Games which is satisfied for the international standards with the top-quality sports management and referees. Additionally, “Top-quality and reasonable price” for accommodation will be carried out as same as the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics, and it shall enrich your experiences in many aspect.

I am warmly on behalf of CTDSF to welcome all of you. Please be prepared as early as possible, and we will see you in Taiwan, 2019!

LIN, Chao-Ying
Chinese Taipei Deaf Sports Federation